Monday, February 21, 2011

Handmade Clutch/bag

 This is an example of how I folded over the edging and 
glued it together to make the seem

I made this clutch/bag with fabric I got at walmart . I cut it to the size I wanted then about 1/2" inch around I folded over the fabric and hot glued it down, thus creating the edges.  I do not sew (well I'm sure I could if I had a machine I used to sew in school) and so I have to improvise on what I have. I folded the fabric over to make a pocket and I glued on the ends and down the sides.  This now created my pocket. I folded over the top fabric to make the flap, but first I folded about an inch down and glued that to make it more sturdy.  I glued on some velcro for the closure.  I added some ribbon to the front and it's finished!  It isn't sturdy enough to use for daily use if I were to use it as a purse, but I was only making it so I could have something pretty to place my medications in.  I figure I might as well have something to look forward to when I take all my meds.  This whole project took less than an hour. And since i didn't mind if it was perfect I did no measuring all eyeballing.  so yes it's a little crooked but who cares its only for me to use anyway :D

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Hi dear,this clutch is so cute,i like the color,its from one of my favorite colors..keep it up girl
    well i want to see your blog more successful,if you would like,try to add your link in some other blog parties,so people will see your creations & visit,then follow too.i wish you get more success
    ~ Khadija

  2. Thank you so very much! I too love this color and I'm thinking of using this color for my wedding. Thanks again! Have a wonderful week~


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